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Arugula Eruca vesicaria sativa also known as rocket, roquette, ruchetta, or rucula can be classified as an herb or a green.  Arugula is a peppery, tangy flavored leafy plant that can be used raw or cooked.  Arugula has an unusual flavor and scent which is not appreciated by all.  I love arugula whether in a salad or scrambled eggs.  It can also be used in place of basil in pesto, used in sandwiches, or in soups.  The flowers are edible, have a similar but milder flavor, and are used as garnishes.
Arugula is easy to grow from seed in cool weather.  Plant before your last average frost date or in a shadier part of your garden.  You can also plant a few weeks before frost in the fall for a late harvest.  Arugula may reseed if allowed to flower.
Arugula grows wild in the Mediterranean.
Arugula recipes. 
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