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Writing A Book

Sorry I have not posted for awhile.  I have been finishing an herb book which is now available for Kindle and hopefully soon for Nook.

Check out What About Herbs? and let me know what you think.

Please pass the link for the book for those you know who may be interested. Thanks!



Sorrel is a perennial green that can be used like spinach.  Some say it has a lemony taste and I have heard it referred to as lemon spinach.  Sorrel goes well with fish, eggs, salads, on sandwiches in place of lettuce, in pesto, and most famously: Sorrel Soup

Sorrel is easy to grow and can handle some shade.   Use the smaller leaves fresh or cooked and the larger leaves in cooking.   Keep the flower heads trimmed for a longer harvest.

Sorrel contains oxalic acid so avoid cooking in aluminum (which is a good idea anyway) or cast iron pans.

Sorrel recipes

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