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Potted Herbs – Moving back indoors

The nights and days are getting cooler so it is time to prepare some of my herbs for the move indoors.  Those I already have in pots include 2 lemon trees, scented geranium, lemon verbena, pineapple sage, and bay.  I will need to move my lemongrass from the garden where it spent the summer back to a pot.

Before moving my herbs indoors I will prune any broken or dead growth or any that seems to be growing in an undesirable direction.   As it gets closer to the move I will then spray them off with water and apply horticultural oil to the leaves, trunk, and stems.  This should take care of any pests that try to move inside with them.  It has always worked so far.


Learning About Herbs

Herbs have been a love of mine for as long as I can remember.   When I was young the only herb I remember using fresh was parsley.  Dried oregano was something I always added to pasta sauce although my mom thought I added too much.  I love the smells and tastes of herbs whether fresh or dried.  Learning about herbs is an ongoing process for me.  I have been compiling a list of herb resources that you may want to check out.  If you know of any sites to add please let me know.

Perennial Herbs

Many of my perennial herbs are grown in 2 x4′ Square Foot Garden boxes.  Mints are planted in their individual pots so they won’t take over my garden. I also have peppermint in a larger area from which it cannot escape.  I use peppermint more and since it is next to the house it may also be a good insect/rodent repellant – although my cat is a good rodent repellant.

One of my perennial boxes contains oregano, dwarf oregano, lemon thyme, English thyme, Bronze fennel, and French tarragon.  The other box has chives, garlic chives, sorrel, anise hyssop, and lovage.  I planted lemongrass there for the summer hoping that it would increase in size.  Towards fall I will pot it and bring it back indoors.  Some herbs are perennial in warmer climates but not in my climate (zone 6).  Lemongrass is one of these.
Anyone know how to get the individual lemongrass stalks to increase in thickness?
I also grow lemon verbena, scented geraniums, and bay in pots which I bring outdoors after the temperature is over 45 F and return them to house in the fall when it is predicted to drop below 45.  In addition I have two lemon trees, a navel orange, grapefruit, and lime that also enjoy the summer outdoors.

In other parts of the yard I have golden sage, lavenders, silver thyme, catnip, creeping thymes as well as common and unusual edibles.
I look forward to increasing my collection to more than what it was a couple moves ago when I had 14 varieties of mint and several thymes and oreganos among other plants.

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