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Updated Plant Hardiness Zone Map

As you may have heard, the USDA has updated the Plant Hardiness Zone map.  This map helps when choosing which plants would be appropriate for your yard.   The new map allows you to search for your zone by entering your zipcode.

Once you know your zone, you will know that in most cases plants which are listed as the same number as your zone or a lower number will usually survive the winter in your area.  For example: I live in zone 6 so plants which are listed as zones 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1 may be good choices for my yard.

If I am growing the plant indoors the climate zone would not matter.    Of course there are other factors which will affect the survivability of the plant such as sun or shade, pH of the soil, and dampness or dryness of the soil.

Access the new map.


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