Garden coach, Landscape consultant, Organic gardener, Square Foot Garden Instructor

I love teaching gardening – especially teaching people to grow their own food and garden organically.

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  1. Hi!

    My name is Nate. I am a fellow blogger and literally “stumbled” upon your site using StumbleUpon. Ever heard of it? I had not used it for the longest time but my friend had me sign up and it really is cool.

    Anyway! I have been thinking about doing a blog post about herbs and growing herbs and thought I’d link to you in my post because I think you have a nice little blog. Reminds me of my own. If you are interested in doing some kind of link exchange, please let me know!

    Again, I’m Nate and my email is natearmstrong10 at gmail dot com.

    Thanks a bunch! Have a great day.

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