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Lovage In Early Spring

Lovage is a tall (6′ or so), shade tolerant, perennial herb in the parsley family.  The taste of lovage is a strong celery flavor that goes well in soups and stews.   I also like it in chicken and tuna dishes and anywhere else you may want to add a celery-like flavor.  Lovage can also be used fresh – it is great in salads including green salads, tuna salads, and potato salad.  Use less lovage than you would celery.  Lovage is easily frozen for later use.

Though plants may not be easy to find, lovage can be started from seed or found in online catalogs if not locally.  Choose a spot with sun to part shade and plenty of room since the plants will reach 3′ or so in width.  Adding compost to the soil when planting will improve the soil and add nutrients.  Adding a cup or so of compost around the plant in the spring should be all the additional fertilizer needed.  Last year was the first year my current lovage bloomed.  Lady bugs appeared to feed and provide pest control for the rest of my garden.



Finding Herb Plants and Seeds

Sources for herb plants and seeds:

Check local nurseries and garden centers


Seed Catalogs – open pollinated, non-hybrid, no GMO

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