Dessert Pesto

I have been experimenting with recipes for my herb cookbook. Today I made three dessert pestos. Dessert pesto is made in a similar way to traditional pesto and can be served as a dip for fruit, cake, breads, or mixed with fruit for a fruit salad, mixed with pastas such as chocolate pasta (yes, there is such a thing), or used any way you can think of. I have included one of the recipes that I made today. Now I am experimenting with freezing these dessert pestos to see if that works.  Chocolate Mint pesto and Pina Colada pesto were the other two types I made today.

Lemon Verbena Dessert Pesto

2 c. Lemon Verbena leaves
1/4 c. lemon juice
1/4 c. oil – walnut, peanut, sunflower, or olive
2 T. yogurt – I used Greek blueberry because that is what I had
1/3 c. almonds

Pulse in a food processor or blender or blend well by hand. If blending by hand chop up the ingredients first.
Lemon Balm could be used for part or all of the lemon verbena but may not have as much lemon flavor. Next time I will try lemon or lime yogurt or cream cheese. The nuts are optional.

Dessert Pesto - Pina Colada, Chocolate Mint, and Lemon Verbena


About Beuna, Garden Inspire

As a garden coach, Beuna Tomalino has had the opportunity to help others grow their own food organically. Educated in Ornamental Horticultural from Utah State University and self taught in organic methods and multiple methods of gardening she helps others grow food no matter where they live. Beuna recently released the book Herbs to Know 2: Wild Medicinal & Edible Plants which she co authored with Kathy Wilson, Master Herbalist.

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