Italian Parsley

Curled Parsley

Parsley is more than that green stuff that decorates your plate at restaurants. Parsley is high in minerals and vitamins and adds color and flavor to many dishes. Pesto, tabbouleh, and parsley potatoes are just a few of the dishes where parsley is used.
Parsley is the first green thing in my garden every spring.

Parsley is a biennial. The first year it grows leaves, the second year seeds and then it dies.
Although Curled Parsley is the one most people are familiar with Italian of Flat Leaf parsley are considered the most desirable for cooking. Hamburg Parsley is grown for its root. I grow Curled and Flat but have not yet tried Hamburg.

Parsley can be grown in full sun or part shade so if you felt that you had too much shade for growing herbs parsley may be one that would grow well for you. Like some of its relatives including dill, fennel, and cilantro, parsley is known for not transplanting well. I start mine in compressed peat pellets or my Aerogarden and have not hand any problems with transplanting but the root is disturbed less that way so that could be the reason. My curly parsley is planted in one of my asparagus beds where I let it reseed itself. The Italian parsley is planted in another 2 x 4 Square Foot Garden bed where I let it reseed. This gives me a continual supply of parsley without the need to replant every year. In fact I have only needed to replant when I move.

Parsley recipes

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As a garden coach, Beuna Tomalino has had the opportunity to help others grow their own food organically. Educated in Ornamental Horticultural from Utah State University and self taught in organic methods and multiple methods of gardening she helps others grow food no matter where they live. Beuna recently released the book Herbs to Know 2: Wild Medicinal & Edible Plants which she co authored with Kathy Wilson, Master Herbalist.

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