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Herb growing in fall and winter

This time of year it is possible to grow herbs in many climates in spite of the chilly weather.  I grow more tender herbs in pots which are kept outside in summer and brought in before the temperature drops to 45 F.   I also like growing herbs such as basil year round in an AeroGrow AeroGarden .

AeroGrow AeroGarden 0019-00Z Garden Starter Tray is a great way to start seeds in the spring for your garden.  You can purchase an AeroGarden with seeds for specific herbs or if you already have one you can buy a kit with seeds or buy a Master Gardener Seedpod kitand plant whatever seeds you choose.  My seeds germinate faster and more reliably with an AeroGarden than any other method I have used.  The fact that the AeroGarden monitors water, light, and nutrients automatically is a big plus also.



Herbs – the useful plants.  Not that all plants aren’t useful. Even many considered weeds are useful.  Herbs can be defined as plants that are herbaceous – soft instead of woody, usually die to the ground in colder climates.  For this blog I use the definition of herbs meaning plants which are used for culinary, medicinal, or craft purposes.  So this blog will cover woody as well as herbaceous, herbs as well as spices – some you may not have heard of before.

I welcome questions about herb growing and use.

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